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Today, April 18th, BETWEEN 5-7pm PACIFIC (8-10pm EASTERN), please do the following:

1) Tweet out #VoicePlayoffsHanna (or retweet what I tweet!)  Click here to Tweet! (Remember, it only counts between 5-7pm PST after Team Adam has started!)

2) Install The Voice app, if you haven't, and vote 10x (the maximum).


IMPORTANT -- voting happens BEFORE THE SHOW AIRS ON THE WEST COAST, so please vote during the window above. The App sends notifications, or retweet what I send out from @hannaeyremusic

Like more details? See below....

the details

The Live Playoffs are starting tomorrow! This means that now the voting will be done by America. My team's performances will be TUESDAY! :) I was just wondering if you could help me in promoting voting for me on Monday and Tuesday. If you could email this information to people or any other way to get the word out, that would be amazing! The most important thing people need to know is where/how they can vote and when they can vote which I'll provide below! Feel free to send anybody this information! Also you don't need to send everybody all of this... I know it's a lot XD I tend to over-explain things.

The attached image has most of the information, but also...

Eastern Time:

- The Voting Window will open and close between 8-10pm when Team Adam starts. The Voice App will send a notification. On Twitter (@hannaeyremusic and @NBCTheVoice), me and The Voice will be live-Tweeting when you can vote as well. 

Central Time:

- The Voting Window will open and close between 7-9pm when Team Adam starts in the East Coast. Same as above.

Pacific Time:

- The Voting Window will open and close between 5-7pm when Team Adam starts in the East Coast. Same as above.


- Voting for the WHOLE team starts when the first artist on the team starts singing. So when the first singer on Team Adam starts singing, you can vote for ANYONE on Team Adam! You do not need to wait for my performance to vote for me.

- Twitter: you can vote for each artist 1 time per account. You can vote for me (during the correct voting window) with the hashtag #VoicePlayoffsHanna or by Retweeting what I send out when it's time to vote. My twitter is @hannaeyremusic :) To see this set your Twitter privacy setting to Public.

- Voice App: if you turn the notifications on for this app, it will send you a push notification when the voting window opens for Team Adam. When this opens, you can vote on both Twitter and the Voice App for a total of 11 votes. **This notification will be given when it the performances are live during East Coast Time, so you will have to vote before you see the performance if you are not in the East Coast** You can vote up to 10 times for every artist on the Voice App. So you can vote for me, and everyone, up to 10 times! 

You can get the Voice App in the App Store or any of the following links:




- You can follow me on Twitter at @hannaeyremusic. 

- You can follow The Voice on Twitter at @NBCTheVoice.


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